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We would like to thank Rabbi Tzachi Diamond for arranging an unbelievable season of Avos Ubanim. The boys were excited each week to come and never left empty handed.

The grand banquet was highlighted by Divrei Torah from our children, as well as great food and prizes. Every boy left with a min-drone airplane, as well as a framed picture of Rav Ahron Leib Shteinman Shlita. We can't wait for the clock to change back so we can start all over again.

Our girls continue their fun and excitement at "Bina", the bi-monthly Shabbos afternoon groups

We would also like to thank the Youth department for the fantastic Purim carnival this year. All the children had a chance to participate in face painting, cupcake decorating , and of course the moon bounce. We are looking forward to the next Youth event.

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