In November 2014 Bais Torah U’tefilah (BTU) was founded by Rabbi Uri Lesser, himself a native of West Hempstead.

The name Bais Torah U’tefilah was chosen to represent these two goals in mind. Firstly, it is a warm and welcoming place for Tefilah, where both decorum and Ruach are a top priority. Secondly, it provides an additional Makom Torah as a new Bais Medrash in the community, where people have the opportunity to learn B’Chavrusa, or attend weekly shiurim.

BTU is a close knit Kehilah built on many young families who share the above goals. Our members consist of both those that have been residing in West Hempstead for a number of years, as well as people recently moving in from places such as Queens, Far Rockaway, and the Five Towns. BTU currently has over 65 members (families).

BTU has minyanim throughout the week, as well as an array of Shiurim. Monday nights feature the new up and coming Semichat CHaver Program with over 25 weekly participants. On Thursday nights there is a Chumash Shiur before Maariv, followed by Mishmar.   

West Hempstead is a wonderful neighborhood filled with all the amenities necessary for the Frum community (Mikvah, Eruv, Supermarket etc.). Being just 20 minutes away from both the Five Towns and Queens, has made it a very centralized neighborhood on Long Island. It is the home to numerous Shuls with Minyanim available throughout the day, and the local Rabbanim share a very close relationship.

Anyone interested in more information about Bais Torah U’Tefilah, or the West Hempstead community should contact Rabbi Lesser at Rabbi@BTUWh.org